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GKM Real Estate Has Expanded

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We would like to welcome Richard Backwell to the GKM team. Richard is the Director of GKM at the Ashmore branch and is based onsite at Madison Garden Villas. Richard is an experienced property investor and is a fully licence Real Estate Agent. He has a passion for property management, property sales and maintenance. He is a dedicated professional seeing each project through to a successful conclusion. Richard has effective communication and networking skills as well as being very personable and approachable at all times.

Richard is your first point of contact regarding your property. His sole purpose is to ensure that your investment property is being efficiently looked after, including maintenance, rental reviews, inspections and body corporate management.

Richard & the GKM Support team specialise in townhouse and apartment sales. We have a vast knowledge of the market and are passionate about achieving the ultimate outcome for our clients. The GKM team pride itself on high professional standards and ethical values.

Richard & The GKM Team are a ‘best practice office’ in every regard – training, technology and commitment to high standards.

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