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About Our Company

GKM Property Management Pty Ltd

Staff Profiles

Guy Elliott director and principal.

Guy is a qualified Real Estate Agent and Principal for GKM Property Management. Guy also obtained a certificate III in Engineering (mechanical) he has many years’ experience working within the building & trade industry, these skills give Guy the ability to save owners in the rental pool the extra costs of having tradies attend to faults that are very minor (eg – circuit breakers that trip, batteries go flat in remotes, smoke alarm inspections.)

Guys position is to oversee every facet of the Property Management & Sales business and to ensure that you are receiving the very best service Guy is constantly monitoring the staff and implementing new systems, enabling the business to run smoothly.

Principal & Property Manager

PH-0427 574 698

Guy Elliott is your first point of contact regarding your Property. Guys sole purpose is to ensure that your investment Property is being efficiently looked after, including maintenance, rental reviews, inspections and body corporate management. Guy brings a high level of experience, professionalism and efficiency to the team.

GKM Property Management assures that you receive a quality applicant for your Property, in the shortest possible time and at the highest possible price. We want what you want and understand that feedback to you during the vacancy period is paramount. Guys negotiation skills mean we always strive to achieve the best results for you.

Property Manager Kathryn Lipsett

PH-0488 062 865

Kathryn Lipsett is a Director and licensed letting agent she

has extensive experience in customer service, management of accounts and maintenance to ensure your property receives the attention it may require.

Kathryn has experience and enjoys decorating & interior design. Kathryn has operated a successful gift ware and furniture shop for over 10 years.

Commitment to Standards

GKM Property Management is a ‘best practice office’ in every regard – training, technology and commitment to high standards.

Guy & Kathryn attend structured and on-going development programs to ensure their knowledge and skills are always at the peak of the industry.

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