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AGM Make Every Vote Count

AGM Why your Vote Counts


If your a owner or looking to purchase within a Body Cooperate scheme you will have a AGM that will require your attention.

Why would you get involved with a AGM you might not know any of the people and the issues the AGM raises you may not live on site or maybe you do live on site and just want to distance yourself from the politics of body cooperate.

I often get told I have never voted, I do not know the people , I do not understand the process, so I just choose to stay out of it and if this is you I am here to convince you to get involved after all there is a fair chance you have invested money into the your property and you will be paying funds every week towards the running of the body corporate which you as a owner are a shareholder.

Now imagine the committee you are giving this money too, have no idea what there doing and are making crazy decisions, lets also assume the funds are running out.

What happens when the body corporate runs out of money, well the answer is simple they create a Special contribution and they send you a letter demanding you pay more money


What can you do to avoid this its simple you invested in a complex you need to take 30 mins out of your year and vote.

So you have read this far and your thinking maybe this sounds like a good idea I need to vote but how do I find out more information on whats going on below are your options.



Options number 1 - Read the minutes from meetings, call committee members ask questions, attend general meetings get involved so you know what the hell is going on.

Option number 2 - Call the caretaker or onsite property manager. they work all year with the committee and will have very good knowledge of the day to day running of the body corporate so why not hear what we have to say. If your a investor there is a good chance they will advise you on the state of the committee any way.

Option number 3- Proxy vote, did you know you can assign your vote to another owner find a owner who has the same views as you and give them your vote this way your vote will still count.

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